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Through a sister company, AIR802 has been involved with the manufacturing of MMDS wireless equipment since 1998. Building on our success in the MMDS niche technology, we formed AIR802 in April 2005 to branch out and manufacture a broader range of both wired and wireless related networking equipment. Our primary areas of focus are antennas, cable (antenna cable assemblies, jumpers and pigtails; fiber optic patch cables and pigtails, Ethernet indoor and outdoor patch cables and bulk cable (coaxial and Ethernet), coaxial and modular (RJ45) connectors and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products. We are an engineering company that has great pride in building quality products. We place a portion of all revenues from goods sold back into research and development to keep new products constantly in development.

While our products are known for quality, we also place strong emphasis on providing detailed specifications and useful information for our customers, providing good pre and post technical support and in maintaining excellent relationships with our valued customers. We custom design and manufacture many products for specific customers. These products will not appear on our web site if they are built exclusively for a customer. If you have a need for a product not found on our web site, we welcome your communication.

AIR802 is an industry leader. We are active participants in a number of wireless industry forums, including participation in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards committees, Bicsi and other organizations. We are at the forefront of technology.

Our customer base is large and diverse. Our primary market focus has been in the geographical areas of North, Central and South America. However, we serve and have customers worldwide, including Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our clientele includes: computer networking and reseller organizations, telephone companies, cable TV (MSO) operators, wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), municipalities, corporations and government agencies, including the military. AIR802 corporate office is located in Aurora, Illinois. We also maintain a large sales and distribution center in Santiago, Chile and in Hong Kong. We reach our clients through direct sales, website sales, and computer and network resellers and through our distributors.

Mission Statement

Listen to customer needs, create quality products that provide solutions, maintain integrity, and build partnerships that provide value for everyone. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today.

AIR802 Corporate Office Building in Aurora, Illinois AIR802 Corporate Office Building in Aurora, Illinois

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http://www.air802.com - AIR802 manufactures professional, reliable and high quality wireless and cable products. You may source our products direct or through distributors and resellers. Our wireless products include Wi-Fi antennas, cellular antennas, antenna cable assemblies-jumpers-pigtails, bulk coax cable, bulk Ethernet CAT5e and CAT6 cable, CAT6 Ethernet patch cords, fiber optic patch cords, power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injectors and splitters, wireless access points or routers, gigabit switches and coaxial connnectors.
http://www.air802.com covers USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Australia.