The Benefits of a Wireless Repeater in Your Home or Office

by admin on December 5, 2011

Although the actual installation of a wireless network within a home or office can seem like a simple task, ensuring that the internet signal reaches all of the wireless devices in the area is another challenge. There are a plethora of obstacles that can prohibit signal strength from optimum productivity. For example, signals are weakened the longer of a distance they travel. When physical structures are in between the access point and the wireless device, it is common to see signal strength drop significantly. For example, if a person installs a wireless access point in the basement of his or her home, the signal may not reach computers or other devices on the first or second floor.

Ensuring a reliable signal reaches all of the required devices is especially important in an office setting. Many businesses depend on a steady internet connection to communicate with their clients and to perform their daily tasks. At AIR802, we understand these concerns, and it is why we offer useful rich features in our wireless access points which include our universal repeater function. A universal repeater function allows one to communicate with a specific wireless SSID and repeat or regenerate the signal as the same or a different name providing enhanced coverage without having to have an Ethernet cable connect to the access point.

The greatest benefit a wireless repeater offers is that is works to extend an internet signal — whether it is in a home or a corporate office — to other network devices, all without requiring additional wiring. All one has to do is place the repeater halfway between the wireless access point or router and the computer or other device in need of a signal, and the wireless signal will be extended to that device. People do not have to worry about breaking their budget or figuring out complicated installation procedures. The signal can be extended quickly so that employees can return to work or kids can once again do their research for their homework.

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