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Marine Antenna Stainless Steel Ferrule Coupler

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The AIR802® SS316TUBE is a stainless steel ferrule coupler for connection between an AIR802® marine antenna and an antenna base mount.

What Are The Cable Options?
The SS316TUBE is used with the AIR802® model ANMA2412 marine WiFi antenna, which has a N-female connector. Rubber grommets, one close and one with an open hole are included. You will need a cable with a N-male connector for the antenna end and the appropriate connector for the opposite end. The SS316TUBE has a hole through the side which is not large enough to permit a type N connector to fit through. However, if you are using our CA195 cable, and the connector at the equipment (radio) end is a smaller connector like a RP-SMA or RP-TNC, the small end will slide directly through the hole in the tube just fine. However, CA195 is generally only used for distances up to 20 feet. Otherwise one of the following options should be followed:
1. The cable and connectors can be purchased seperately and the connectors installed on the ends of the cable on-site. Since lack of experience and/or the ability to fully test the cable for VSWR and insertion loss will not exist, this is not the recommended option for most.
2. If the connector at the "radio" or WiFi equipment end is a smaller type, such as RP-SMA, RP-TNC, etc., then a pre-made antenna cable assembly can be purchased in various lengths and cable types. The cable with the small connector end would be slipped through from the inside to the outside of the SS316TUBE and run along the desired route to the radio device. The N-male end would then be connected to the antenna.
3. You may purchase our CA195-W-NMRSJ-008I, which is a 8 inch length pre-made antenna cable assembly from our CA195 white jacket cable. This cable has a N-male and a RP-SMA jack (female) connector. The RP-SMA connector will easily slip through the inside to the exterior of the SS316TUBE. The N-male will connect to the antenna. Then a longer length of cable can be attached to this short pigtail cable that has a RP-SMA plug (male) connector and the appropriate connector on the opposite end for the radio device.
4. Perhaps the best option is to purchase the appropriate pre-made antenna cable assembly, choosing the desired cable type and length. Then click below on the option "Ship cable pre-installed through the SS316TUBE. We will then install the connector for you. This will allow you to use even our CA400 white jacketed flex cable.
What Type of Cable Does AIR802® Manufacture and Offer?
AIR802® offers a wide variety of cable types, lengths and connector options. Our recommendations are:
1. CA195 Black or CA195 White jacketed cable for shorter runs up to 20 feet. The outer diameter of the CA195 cable jacket is 0.195 inches.
2. CA400FLEX, which is a 400-series cable, but flexible with a white jacket (outer diameter is 0.405 inches). This represents much lower loss of signal per foot than CA195 type    cable.  Cable assemblies with CA400FLEX are offered in lengths up to 100 feet.
Where Do I Find the Pre-Made Antenna Cable Assemblies?
Click on the category "Cable", then "Pre-Made Cables", then select the desired cable type followed by the desired connector options. A page with all the pre-made lengths will appear.  
To assist you in determining the connector type required for your wireless router or other equipment, visit our Knowledge Center on the left-hand side of the page just below the Product Categories. We provide a cross-reference list of manufacturers and model numbers to the connector type utilized as well as connector photos for identifying the connector type. If you are using an AIR802® wireless USB adapter (USB-ADG-2) or AP-G200 / AP-G250, you will need a RP-SMA for that end of the cable. If you are using our AP-G300, you will need an N-male connector on that end of the cable also.
Material 316 Grade Polished Stainless Steel
Length 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Weight 0.56 lbs (258 grams)
Mounting Standard 1 inch - 14 Thread Marine Mount

Product Warranty

This antenna is of absolute quality and is fully covered by a 5 year warranty.

Terminology Note: Due to various use of terminology, this antenna maybe referred to as: stainless steel ferrule, stainless steel antenna ferrule, marine antenna ferrule.

Weight 0.12 lbs
Our price: USD $32.95
If purchasing an antenna cable and SSTUBE, Enter X and cable connector will be pre-built through SSTUBE
SS316TUBE Stainless Steel Tube for use with Mounting Marine Antennas

SS316TUBE Stainless Steel Tube for use with Mounting Marine Antennas

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SS316TUBE Stainless Steel Tube for use with Mounting Marine Antennas

SS316TUBE Stainless Steel Tube for use with Mounting Marine Antennas

CA195FLEX Black Antenna Cable, N Plug-Male to N Jack-Female, 6 Feet (1.8 meter)
CA195FLEX Black Antenna Cable, N Plug-Male to N Jack-Female, 6 Feet (1.8 meter)
USD $20.91
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