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2.4 GHz WiFi Outdoor Omnidirectional 12 dBi Antenna, Professional Model

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Product Description - Model ANOM2412

The AIR802® ANOM2412 is our professional outdoor WiFi 12 dBi gain omni-directional antenna. This antenna was engineered for superior coverage in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Omnidirectional antennas provide coverage in a full 360° radius. The frequency of this band is 2.4 to 2.485 GHz is utilized most commonly for WiFi applications under the IEEE 802.11b/g/n specifications. It provides VSWR of ≤ 1.5, which is part of the professional quality of this antenna. Each antenna has been hand soldered, inspected and tested against our rigorous production quality standards.

Covered in an all weather fiberglass radome, this omni is built to last in outdoor environments. Frequently, this antenna has also been used indoors. We have engineered this antenna with a molded mount at the bottom, where two supplied U-bolts are normally used to mount the antenna on a mast, universal antenna mount or tower. The U-bolts will attach on up to 2 inch outer diameter pipe. The color is white and it has a N-female connector.

What Gain Models Does AIR802 Offer?
AIR802® has engineered and manufactures 8 dBi, 10 dBi, 12 dBi mast mountable models.
Do You Offer a 15 dBi Omni Antenna?
No. Actually as an engineering company, we must inform unsuspecting customers that a 15 dBi omni antenna only exists in marketing literature. It is not technically or pratically possible to build a 15 dBi model. Some companies offer antennas marketed as 15dBi, even we have seen 18dBi omni antennas promoted. Just to demonstrate our point, we bought samples of all of them, placed them into a testing laboratory and clearly none provided 15dBi gain. Even if we could change the physics and make it possible, the vertical beam would be too narrow to be useful. We prefer not to use these type of marketing tatics and provide factual and truthful information. If you really need more gain, then you need an access point or router with more RF output power and better receiver sensitivity - see our high power access points or routers under the category of Radios. Or consider using semi-directional or directional style antennas, where the gain can be higher. For example, AIR802® manufactures a 90 degree sector antenna with 17 dBi gain. Four of these would cover a full 360° radius.
What Other Products May I Need With The Antenna?
We manufacture other items that might be useful with this omni antenna such as the AN-MOUNT-01 universal antenna mount, coaxial lighting or surge protection devices and pre-made antenna cable assemblies with various connector options, cable types and lengths. To assist you in determining the connector type required for your wireless router or other equipment, visit our Knowledge Center on the left-hand side of the page just below the Product Categories. We provide a cross-reference list of manufacturers and model numbers to the connector type utilized as well as connector photos for identifying the connector type.


  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Networks
  • Bluetooth
  • Streaming Wireless Video
  • Public Wireless Hotspots
  • Campus, Corporate facility, or Government Networks
  • Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) Deployments
  • Access Points & Routers
  • Repeater & Bridges
  • Any 360° Point to MultiPoint Application

Buyer Information

What Distance Will We Get?
As professional engineers at AIR802®, we must advice novice users of wireless technology that antennas in and of themselves do not determine the coverage distance. Distance is a function of a number of factors. We do not provide misleading or unprofessional statements regarding the achievable distance of any particular antena. One must compute the RF path using such information as the transmitter RF output power and radio receiver sensitivity between any two points, consider the cable loss by type and length of any antenna cables, other losses such as lightning protectors, the antenna gain and free space loss at the relevant frequency. Need help, let us know.
Antenna Performance - Beware
AIR802® also points out that all antenna designs and production techniques are not the same. Like other product purchases you make, you should be aware that not all antennas perform according to their specifications. Unfortunately some sellers either don't know what they are selling or inflate the numbers. We at AIR802® are committed to high quality products and guarantee 100% that our antennas perform to our specifications. In other words, if you buy a 8 dBi antenna, you WILL get 8dBi of gain, guaranteed!


Frequency 2400 - 2485 MHz
Gain 12 dBi
VSWR ≤ 1.5
Polarization Linear
Vertical Beam Width 6.5°
Horizontal Beam Width 360°
Impedance 50Ω
Max. Input Power 100 watts
Weight 1.44 lbs (0.65 kg)
Length 50.0 inches (127cm)
Connector N - Female
Material White Fiberglass
Mounting U-Bolt/Mast or Wall Mount *Supports up to 2 Inch Pipe*
Wind Survival Up to 150 mph (241 km/h)
Temperature -40° F to 176° F (-40° to 80° C)

Product Warranty

This antenna is of absolute quality and is fully covered under by the Air802 LLC Limited Warranty.

Terminology Note: Due to various use of terminology, this antenna maybe referred to as: wlan omni antenna, wireless omni antenna, omni directional wifi antenan, high gain 802.11 antenna, powerful wifi antenna, wireless LAN omni, 2.4GHz omni antenna, 2400MHz omni antenna, ISM omni antenna, wireless LAN omni antenna, 2.4 omni antenna, 802.11 omni antenna, 802.11b omni antenna, 802.11g omni antenna, 802.11b/g omni antenna, wifi omni antenna, 15dbi antenna, 15 dbi antenna, 2.4GHz wifi omni antenna, wi-fi omni antenna, RF omni antenna, hotspot omni antenna, 2.4GHz antena, outdoor omni, outdoor omnidirectional, outdoor omni antenna, outdoor omnidirectional antenna, outdoor wifi antenna, wifi antena, 802.11 antena, inalámbrico 2.4 GHz WiFi antena. 2.4 GHz WiFi Outdoor Omnidirectional 15 dBi Antenna


Weight 20.00 lbs
Our price: USD $87.50

VIew of Mounting Bracket

VIew of Mounting Bracket

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VIew of Mounting Bracket

VIew of Mounting Bracket

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