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Mobile Magnetic NMO Antenna Mount - FERRITE BASIC MAG and NEO POWER MAG

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AIR802 mobile magnet mounts are a revolutionary change from the standard industry made in China products. Our very high quality 3 inch diameter mounts are custom built each day in the USA with a choice among 6 definable input options. Simply select your desired options below, the part number (SKU) will appear alongside the price. Once added to the cart and your order is complete the mount will be built and shipped. Included is a quality nickel plated brass dust-rain cap to cover the connector when not in use and a rubber protective boot over the bottom of the mount. 


• Mobile vehicles (cars, trucks, buses)

• Warehouse steel beams

• Construction equipment and forklifts

• Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

• Trains

• Communication and water towers

• Tollway faciliities

• Farm equipment


Cable Length (Option 1)

Our standard length options are in one foot increments from 1 to 20 feet. If you require another specific length contact us and we can fulfill your request. Typical industry options are 13 or 17 feet. Unnecessary extra cable lengths can significantly increase signal loss. Thus custom builds to your required length reduce this extra signal loss providing superior performance.   

Cable Connector Type (Option 2)

In order to meet your requirements, we offer options from no connector to dozens of connector options. Should we have missed an option that you are interested in let us know. Also for reference we provide a connector identification chart.

Cable Type - Color (Option 3)

We manufacture our mounts with our CA195FLEX, which is identical to LMR-195-UF ultraflex coaxial cable. Typical mobile antenna mounts often come with RG58/U (solid center conductor) or RG58A/U (stranded center conductor), which often result in slightly higher signal loss and is not generally recommended for higher frequencies. Also important in mobile applications is that there might be repeated bending of the cable, which it would be strongly advised to use stranded center conductors versus a solid center conductor. Finally the jacket material of many commonly used mobile antenna mounts is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which if doensn't have UV resistant treated jackets will break down over time. Our CA195FLEX is constructed with thermoplastic polymer (TPE) material, which is rubber-like and is very suitable for virtually any outdoor enviroments, whether extreme temperatures, salt water environments, etc.

The CA195FLEX options are black and white. We can also provide, although temporarily not available here online, RG174 black coaxial cable. 

Note: Our current CA195FLEX white production had a colorant issue. Thus the current stock is a bit translucent/light gray. From a distance it might pass as white. Up close it is a light gray.  Within months we will have a true white cable out of production.  

Magnet Type (Option 4)

     A. FERRITE BASIC MAG - This is a ferrite or ceramic mobile magnetic base or mount and all industry competitive mobile magnetic antenna mounts offered throughout the industry are a standard ferrite type, also known as ceramic magnets which are lower cost with a medium strength, even though some are labeled "heavy duty". This type of magnet has a 61.7 average lb/f pull rate. This type of magnet loses magnetization over time. 

     B. NEO POWER MAG - This is a neodymium (NdFeB) mobile magnetic base which provides new meaning to heavy duty. Customers have often mentioned that industry standard ferrite type mobile magnet type mounts fall off various type of vehicles; whether in a car wash, tree branches knocking them off buses, or other scenarios. Certainly this has safety and legal implications should an accident happen. Therefore AIR802 introduces an industry first, a mobile magnetic mount with a Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet. This type of magnet is derived from Rare Earth and is the most powerful permanent magnet in the world with 362.4 lb/f pull rate. This type of magnet has high resistance to demagnetization. Rest assured with the strength of this magnet it will not fall off the vehicle and give you peace of mind regarding legal and safety concerns. Thiefs will be surprised when they are unable to quickly remove the mount. 

Mount-Base Connector Type (Option 5)

We offer three mount-base connector types to choose from which provides a greater selection of potential antennas and their connector types. 

Mobile Magnet Base Connector Types
  Connector Type Connector Plating Frequency Support Comments
1 NMO Tri-Metal Plated for Inter-Modulation Distortion Reduction 0 to 6 GHz

1. The pin is removeable to support low / high frequency antennas.

2. A nickel plated brass dust-rain cap is included.

2 N Jack-Female Tri-Metal Plated for Inter-Modulation Distortion Reduction 0 to 6 GHz 1. A nickel plated brass dust-rain cap is included.
3 UHF Jack-Female (SO-239) Tri-Metal Plated for Inter-Modulation Distortion Reduction 0 to 470 MHz 1. A nickel plated brass dust-rain cap is included. 


Mount-Base Color (Option 6)

The standard mount or base color is chrome. Also available, although not temporarily selectable here online, and for a higher cost are black and white painted options. In addition, we offer custom corporate vehicle colors through our in-house paint facility. 


Select your options below, order here online and get your new revolutionary high qualtity mobile magnet mount.  Note that these are custom built per your order and are not non-returnable. All custom builds generally ship the same day as your order is placed.


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